Streamline your PhoneGap Build deployments

autobuild allows you to easily set up a Web Service Hook in your Git repository that will automatically pull the updated code from your last commit and start building the application.

How does it work?

It's very simple. You will need:

  • Your PhoneGap Build username (typically your email address)
  • Your PhoneGap Build password
  • The App ID for the application you are working on

The account details are used to perform an HTTP Basic Authentication into the PhoneGap Build control panel to perform the pull request. In this instance, we do not store these details anywhere.

The URL you provide as the Web Hook must match the following format: username / password / appid

That's it! Save that URL as the hook, and every commit you make to your Git repository will automatically update the code and rebuild the application for you.

autobuild also provides an alternate method of creating the URL using a client ID key, which does store your PhoneGap Build account details for reference. You can find out more and register for your specific client ID key here. was created by monkehWorks Ltd using Ruby and the Sinatra framework.